Five ideas for Christmas decorations to do by hand

When Christmas comes, it's the right time to make some hand decorations together with the children. The little ones love all the jobs to do by hand because for them they represent a sort of game. To create Christmas decorations it takes very little: cards, scissors (to be used under the supervision of parents), glue, colors ... In short, all objects that you usually already have at home. And for everything else, you just need to activate your imagination!

We suggest, therefore, some ideas to create beautiful Christmas decorations handmade together with children. The decorations can be used to embellish the Christmas tree or the corners of the house.

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Ideas for handmade Christmas decorations. The pine cones
Among the ideas for Christmas decorations, the most valid are those concerning pine cones. The pine cones can be made in various ways, for example by collecting pine cones and coloring them green, red, silver or gold. If you add a hook, they can be hung on the Christmas tree.
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Christmas-themed figures
To create Christmas figures to decorate the house or the Christmas tree you can use cardboard but above all plasticine. With these you can create figures such as the snowman, the stars or colored balls.
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The Christmas tree
Among the decorations to be created by hand also an alternative Christmas tree. How to do it? You can take small sheets of green cardboard, roll them up and then join them together to form a tree. To decorate it you can attach other figures (stars, balls) created with cards of other colors.
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Poinsettias can be created using clothespins. Just glue them to each other at the ends and then color them as desired, if you do not use already colored clothespins.
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Cardboard decorations
You can create decorations with Christmas shapes using cards and then glue them to supports (wooden sticks for example) to place them on the Christmas tree or in other parts of the house.
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