Frontball Planet - Official Trailer

Watch the trailer for Frontball Planet now .

But what is "Frontball"? Frontball is a new and modern sports discipline, created in 2008, recently included as another specialty of ball sports.

Frontball It is a third-person sports video game with different 3-dimensional street environments, different opponents to defeat, and various game modes for both single player and local multiplayer.

You will have 3 initial characters, 2 of which are configurable based on unlockable items acquired in the game's offline store and purchased with in-game currency obtained as you play the different game modes.

It can be played on different courts around the world, New York, Mexico City, Miami, Dubai, Tokyo, Bilbao and Madrid, as well as an indoor practice stage.

Screen dal video sul canale Youtube ufficiale di Playstation: "Video presentación FRONTBALL PLANET"

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