One Piece Odyssey - Official Memories Trailer

Alabasta, Water Seven, Marineford, Dressrosa: The Straw Hat Crew on Waford 's adventure will take them on a journey through their memories of these four unforgettable ONE PIECEarches.

Help Vivi save the country of Alabasta from a civil war orchestrated by Crocodile and Baroque Works.

Explore a beautiful metropolitan city and fight to save your teammates from CP9 in Water Seven. Join the Paramount War and attempt to stop the execution of Ace at the hands of the Marines in their stronghold, Marineford - Join Rebecca, Sabo and Trafalgar Law to save the city of Dressrosa from destruction at the hands of Doflamingo.

Screen dal video sul canale Youtube ufficiale di Playstation:

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